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  • SBS high strength and low viscosity
  • SBS high strength and low viscosity

SBS high strength and low viscosity

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Product details

SBS styrene thermoplastic elastomer used for plastic modification and toughening is a triblock copolymer with styrene and butadiene as monomers. It has the characteristics of both plastic and rubber. It is called "the third generation synthetic rubber". Similar to styrene butadiene rubber, SBS can contact with water, weak acid and alkali. It has excellent tensile strength, large surface friction coefficient, good low temperature performance, excellent electrical performance and good processing performance. It has become the thermoplastic elastomer with the largest consumption at present.
SBS has incomparable advantages over thermosetting rubber in processing and application:
(1) SBS can be processed and molded by thermoplastic processing equipment, such as extrusion, injection, blow molding, etc., and the molding speed is faster than that of traditional vulcanized rubber process;
(2) SBS does not need vulcanization and can omit the vulcanization process in the processing of general thermosetting rubber. Therefore, it has the advantages of less equipment investment, low production energy consumption, simple process, short processing cycle, high production efficiency and low processing cost;
(3) SBS corner residue can be recycled for many times, saving resources and conducive to environmental protection.
At present, SBS is mainly used in four stress areas: rubber products, resin modifiers, adhesives and asphalt modifiers. In terms of rubber products, SBS molded products are mainly used in shoemaking (sole) industry, and extruded products are mainly used in rubber hose and tape; As a resin modifier, a small amount of SBS blended with polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and polystyrene (PS) can significantly improve the low-temperature properties and impact strength of the products; SBS as adhesive has the characteristics of high solid content, fast drying and low temperature resistance; As a modifier of building asphalt and road asphalt, SBS can significantly improve the weather resistance and load resistance of asphalt.
SBS white granular, application: asphalt modification, plastic modification, footwear, adhesive, coating application, high tensile strength.
Description of physical properties of SBS raw materials
SBS type 'YpR (SBS for short) is a block copolymer of styrene, butadiene and styrene. Its strength is provided by hard segment polystyrene (PS) and its elasticity is provided by soft segment polybutadiene. It has the advantages of rubber and plastic. It has excellent cold resistance, flexibility, elasticity and heat resistance. It is widely used in shoe making, coating, adhesive and other fields. Styrene butadiene styrene block copolymer (SBS) is one of the largest thermoplastic elastomers in the world. It is widely used in the fields of rubber products, adhesives, asphalt and resin modifiers because of its excellent tensile properties, good low temperature resistance, air permeability, solubility and unique skid resistance [1,2]
Typical application scope SBS is a good polymer modification, which can be blended with PP, PE, PS, ABS and other resins to improve the impact resistance and bending performance of products. It is widely used in electrical components, automobile steering wheel, bumper and seals.

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