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  • High strength, low viscosity and high tensile strength
  • High strength, low viscosity and high tensile strength

High strength, low viscosity and high tensile strength

classification:SEBS materials
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Product details

1、 Use
1. SEBS has good ultraviolet stability, oxygen resistance and thermal stability, so it can also be used in roof and road asphalt.
2. SEBS has good compatibility with paraffin, so it can be used as a flexible surface coating for paper products.
3. SEBS has no obvious shear flow during heating and is insensitive to temperature, so it can be used as a template for IPN. (basic principle of IPN: two immiscible polymers can penetrate the entangled chain segments, so that the two immiscible polymers can be "locked" together through covalent crosslinking.)
4. The organic solution of SEBS oil blend can replace natural latex to make surgical gloves and other products. Because SEBS does not contain unsaturated double bonds and has high purity, it has the following two advantages: (1) good oxygen resistance and ozone resistance; (2) Natural rubber contains protein, which can cause dangerous allergic reactions in some patients, but this blend will not.
2、 Performance use
SEBS has excellent aging resistance, plasticity and high elasticity. It can be processed and used without vulcanization, and the leftover materials can be reused. It is widely used in the production of high-grade elastomer, plastic modification, adhesive, lubricating oil tackifier, filler and sheath materials of wires and cables, etc. SEBS has good weather resistance, heat resistance, compression deformation resistance and excellent mechanical properties:
(1) good temperature resistance. Its embrittlement temperature is ≤ - 60 ℃, the maximum service temperature is 149 ℃, and its decomposition temperature is greater than 270 ℃ in oxygen atmosphere.
(2) excellent aging resistance. The performance degradation rate is less than 10% after aging in artificial accelerated aging box for one week, and less than 10% after ozone aging (38 ℃) for 100 hours.
(3) excellent electrical properties. Its dielectric constant is 1.3 * 10-4 at one kHz and 2.3 * 10-4 at one MHz; The volume resistance is 9 * 1016 Ω / cm for one minute; 2 * 1017 Ω / cm for two minutes.
(4) it has good solubility, blending performance and excellent oil filling property. It can be dissolved in many common solvents. Its solubility parameter is between 7.2 ~ 9.6. It can be blended with a variety of polymers. It can be filled with oils commonly used in rubber industry, such as white oil or naphthenic oil.
(5) the processing performance of elastomer that can be used without vulcanization is similar to that of SBS, and the leftover materials can be reused, which meets the requirements of environmental protection, non-toxic and FDA.
(6) the specific gravity is light, about 0.91, and more volume products can be produced with the same weight.
3、 Processing method
SEBS blends can be manufactured by thermoplastic processing methods such as injection, extrusion and blow molding. SEBS is different from SBS in product structure and processing temperature. In terms of processing temperature, SBS processing temperature is generally between 150 ~ 200 ℃, while SEBS is generally between 190 ~ 260 ℃; Low shear rate is required for SBS processing, while high shear rate is required for SEBS processing; During injection molding, SBS generally adopts moderate shear rate, extrusion molding generally adopts screw with low compression ratio, while SEBS processing should adopt screw with high injection rate and high compression ratio.

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